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Blog: Dry January: Maria

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During this month, we’re issuing people’s views and experiences about their Dry January 2016 challenge

Well this is the last day of Dry January, and to be honest it’s not been as bad as I thought.

Like most people I tend to drink on the weekend..mmm… and sometimes midweek, pending on how the week has been! However, the usual glass of Sauvignon Blanc has now been replaced by the brew of Yorkshire Tea.

Usually by Friday afternoon, I’m already conjuring up images of sitting down with a cool glass of the white stuff and browsing through sky movies as we snuggle down to indulge in our weekly family ‘Film Friday’. I spent the evening flinging open the fridge door, only to grab the milk  for a cuppa, and giving a temporary glance at the empty wine shelf and out of date salad I had planned to eat this week.

I do like the idea behind the Dry January challenge as it’s gives people who are already thinking of changing their lifestyle for the better, a kick start to do something about it.  Dry January does actually make you think about your drinking habits and yes I probably will look forward to a wee tipple in the near future, but at the moment I’ve no urge to.

Maybe I’ll also start on the green stuff this week, but hey, one small and managable step at a time.