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#EmbraceEquity this International Women’s Day

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#EmbraceEquity #IWD2023

Shropshire Council is proud to support International Women’s Day, which is celebrated worldwide today (Wednesday 8 March 2023).

Women play such a significant role as part the council’s workforce, and we want to show our appreciation and value in the work that women do every day to help Shropshire and its residents.

Olivia Hewings, Shropshire Council's operations manager at Theatre Severn

Olivia Hewings, Shropshire Council’s operations manager at Theatre Severn

Women are achieving in every corner of the organisation, including leadership teams, managerial roles, executive and senior leadership teams, and Cabinet membership.

International Women’s Day allows us to reflect on the great progress that has been made, but also reminds us of the long road that is ahead and the issues that, collectively, we still face today.

Did you know?

  • Lezley Picton, Leader of the Council, is the first female leader in Shropshire.
  • Two of the four executive directors at Shropshire Council are women.
  • Approximately 75% of our workforce are female.
  • Just over 60% of our staff who fall in the top 5% of our earners are women.

A supportive place for women to work

Our hybrid approach to working life removes some of the barriers and everyday pressures women face when trying to find the balance between work and home life.

Tanya Miles, Shropshire Council's executive director for people

Tanya Miles, Shropshire Council’s executive director for people

Claire Morgan, a Shropshire Council ICT business partner, shared:-

“I am proud to work for Shropshire Council as it allows me the flexibility to have a career while also balancing being a mum.”

Many of our staff work in a hybrid manner, blending homeworking with office-based working where the service allows, to enable them to work in a healthy environment which benefits them and the organisation.

Women are also offered menopause support through the Integrated Care System across Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin. Menopause meet-ups are held to help women open up and talk about their experiences alongside peers and professional advisers. The sessions are designed to raise awareness, banish myths, and have a positive impact on our staff health and wellbeing.

Lezley Picton, Leader of the Council, said:-

“International Women’s Day is our annual reminder to pause and reflect on how brilliant women are. We are very lucky to be surrounded by incredible women in the council and indeed within our Shropshire communities.

“In each pocket of Shropshire Council there are women who are achieving amazing things. It’s great to see more and more women in roles which were, at one time, considered to be ‘men’s’ jobs, such as working in our waste and recycling teams.

“I’d like to ask fellow women and our allies to #EmbraceEquity this International Women’s Day and to remind one another that women are incredible – so let’s celebrate that.

“Whilst this day is a timely reminder for us to stop and think, let’s continue to talk all the other days of the year and share our experiences, celebrate one another’s achievements – big or small – and continue to embrace and support an inclusive culture where women can achieve and exceed their ambitions.”

Allies are incredibly important for the social, economic, cultural, and political advancement of women too.

Mark Barrow, Shropshire Council’s executive director of place.

Mark Barrow, executive director of place shared: –

“I want to encourage everyone to join me and #EmbraceEquity this International Women’s Day.

Without women at Shropshire Council, we simply couldn’t deliver the services we do to our county and residents.

Everyone can take individual responsibility to actively promote equality for women, and as an employer, we’re proud to see a predominantly female workforce succeed across all levels of the organisation.”