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Council seeks views for revised housing allocations policy

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Shropshire Council is asking for views from local organisations and residents on the proposed changes to the criteria used to allocate social and affordable housing to people who live and work in Shropshire.

The review of the Housing Allocations Policy (HomePoint) will ensure that applicants in the greatest need are allocated social and affordable housing.

Key proposed changes to the draft housing policy include:-

  • Increasing the number of bands contained in the policy from four to seven, to ensure people’s housing needs are better managed within the policy.
  • Introducing a local connection criterion, where, subject to statutory exceptions, those who qualify must have been living in Shropshire for the last year or more, have close family living in Shropshire, or be employed in Shropshire.

It is also proposed that new applicants who have sufficient income to purchase or rent market-priced housing within Shropshire which is suitable for their needs would not qualify to be on the housing register.

Therefore, the draft policy proposes a threshold household income of £50,000 gross per annum, or savings and assets (including equity in a property) of more than £200,000, or both. Those new applicants on and above this threshold would not qualify to be on the housing register.

Following the changes to the draft policy, those who may no longer qualify to be on the housing register, on the basis of not having a local connection, will be notified and advised on their right to appeal.

The draft policy will also introduce formal nominations agreements with housing associations operating in Shropshire. This will ensure that applicants in the greatest housing need are allocated social and affordable housing.

Simon Jones, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for adult social care and public health, said:-

“As a council we have a statutory duty to ensure those with the greatest needs have access to social and affordable housing. Whether that is through allocations to council housing managed by our own ALMO, Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing (STAR Housing), or through nominations to housing associations.

“The revised policy also aims to prevent and tackle homelessness; promote independent living and reduce admissions to residential care; and enable key workers on low incomes to access affordable housing.

“Increasing the number of bands contained in the policy will allow for greater differentiation in prioritising categories of applicants who are required to be given priority under housing legislation.

“It will also recognise the needs of those applicants who may not be in a priority group recognised by legislation, but are still in housing need, for example, key workers in low-paid employment.

“I encourage everyone who may be affected by this policy to take the time to comment on the new proposals. This proposed draft policy will provide us with a much fairer and more sustainable approach to housing provision in Shropshire.”

For further information and to comment on the proposed draft housing policy visit Housing allocations policy | Shropshire Council

Closing date for submissions is Sunday 3 July 2022.

Statutory exceptions will still apply to the Armed Forces, ex-service personnel, existing social tenants moving to employment in Shropshire, and persons who need to move from another council area to escape domestic abuse or other forms of violence or harm, who will automatically qualify to be on the housing register.