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Safety improvements to be made at A464 Upton Crossroads near Shifnal

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Investigation work has now been completed at the A464 Upton Crossroads near Shifnal to find a permanent solution to assist improve road safety at this junction.

The safety measure that will now be introduced will comprise of vehicle-activated signs on both of the A464 approaches, that will illuminate to highlight to oncoming traffic that a vehicle is waiting to emerge from one of the two Upton Lane side roads.

This will be supported by a lowered speed limit and associated traffic management measures, to reduce vehicle speeds and highlight the unusual road layout. This type of measure has been used successfully at other locations within Shropshire to reduce both the number and severity of accidents at specific sites.

The option to install permanent traffic signals was investigated; however, this has been rejected, based on the required design standards being unable to be met within the existing highway boundary. To install traffic signals to ensure compliance with current design standards would entail significant purchase of land which is not currently in public highway ownership, and the timescales and costs to achieve this option were too prohibitive to consider progressing further.

Steve Davenport, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for highways and transport, said:-

“We are very mindful of the traffic delays and inconvenience that have been experienced since April 2016 when the temporary traffic signals were installed as a holding measure. Bearing this in mind, we are aiming to progress the design and implementation of this permanent scheme during this current financial year, with implementation likely between January and March 2018.”

Stuart West, local Shropshire Councillor for Shifnal South and Cosford, said:-

“I am pleased that we have finally agreed on a scheme that we are able to progress, that has been successful in other parts of the county, and should make Upton Crossroads a much safer place.”