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Blog: Dry January – Jo

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During this month, we’re issuing people’s views and experiences about their Dry January 2016 challenge.

Today, Jo (scripted Thursday 14 January):-

So New Year arrived and I made all of the usual promises to myself to drink less, lose weight and be more health conscious…

I have attempted Dry January twice before and have always started off really positively and with great intentions. However by about 15 January I feel my willpower slipping, and usually end up taking a detour to Tesco on the way home from work, grabbing a bottle of Pinot Grigio and savouring a cheeky vino with my dinner.

However, this year is different…

In my spare time I am a keen runner. Last year a friend of mine had cancer and she has recently undergone chemotherapy. One of the races she had entered she is now unable to do and she has had to defer until next year, so I have promised her that I will run this year for her chosen charity. Rome Marathon 2016 here I come, and it’s time to get serious and get training!

So this is my motivation and I am approaching it with focus and determination. In January, instead of getting home and opening the wine, I have been getting home and getting my trainers on.

As a result I have found that I have heaps more energy, I am sleeping like a baby and my concentration is much sharper. I feel less bloated and sluggish, and generally bright. My mood has also improved, and as someone who is not a morning person I am finding that I am less grumpy getting out of bed.

I thought I would find it difficult, but actually it hasn’t bothered me in the slightest – even last Saturday night when I was sat watching TV and enjoying a lime and soda. Now that’s commitment!

So “cheers” everybody and well done to you all doing the Dry January challenge. We are halfway there – let’s do this!