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Blog: Dry January – Anne-Marie

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During this month, we’re issuing people’s views and experiences about their Dry January 2016 challenge.

Today, Anne-Marie – an update (scripted Monday 18 January):-

Since I last blogged I have gone through another two weekends of Dry January. So far so good.  I can actually say I am not missing alcohol at all; in fact, I am almost wondering why I drink in the first place, although I am sure at some point this will wear off. I was doing really well and feeling really good, then this weekend came down with the dreaded cold through no fault of Dry January, just the amount of germs I have been surrounded by over the last week. So this weekend was a doddle, didn’t even think about drinking, in fact couldn’t have thought of anything worse as I coughed and sniffed my way through the weekend.

I had discussed doing Dry January with my husband before I embarked on it again this year, and also encouraged him to give it a go. I have to say he was, although full of encouragement for me, not too enthusiastic about doing it himself, but he did decide to do ‘reduced January’. However, to my amazement he too has stayed ‘Dry’ so far, which hadn’t been his intention, and he has been encouraged by the benefits. We have even done several decluttering jobs which have been waiting for a long, long time, so even the house is benefiting. Win, win all round.

So Dry January, at this rate, is going to run into February and maybe beyond!