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Sustainability award for Shropshire schools

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Wilfred Owen Primary School in Shrewsbury and St John’s Primary School in Bridgnorth have been named as the winners of the annual Shropshire Sustainable Schools Award.

They have recently received their prize of a day’s bushcraft and outdoor activity with Ad-Venture at Babbinswood for their ecoteams.

The award celebrates the efforts of schools across Shropshire to improve their school environment and engage pupils with the environment.  A team of pupils from each school spent the day with Ad-Venture’s Adam Bowles and Neil Becousse, where they started the day with a firelighting activity in Babbinswood. 

Ruth Hudson, Shropshire Council’s sustainability officer, said:

“It was great to see the pupils fully engaged in the outdoors, trying to understand what would be the best materials to use and what shape would give them the best fire.  Bringing pupils together in the outside environment offers them a whole different learning experience.” 

The prize day then continued with further activity in the woods, before they set out on a walk along the canal to take part in kayaking. 

Throughout the year schools across Shropshire are encouraged to get involved with sustainable activities and the Eco-Schools programme, and are invited to apply for the award. 

Cecilia Motley, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for carbon reduction and sustainability, said:

“I am delighted to see so many schools actively involved with sustainability projects in their schools.  It just goes to show the enthusiasm our younger generation have for making a difference in their communities.  The staff and pupils in these schools are models for the future, who are aware of the need to act and live sustainably, and through their actions are making positive changes to their school and local communities.” 

Schools this year have been working on a range of projects, ranging from looking at Fairtrade products and how to increase their availability and popularity, to increasing cycling and walking in schools, improving school grounds, creating healthier lifestyles,  using less water and energy using alternative forms of energy, producing less waste and improving recycling. 

The Shropshire Sustainable Schools Award was launched in 2010, replacing the Mike Sprackling Award but remaining in memory of him. 

It is to celebrate performance by schools in becoming sustainable schools, and aims to recognise innovative work and activity in school and linking with the wider community.