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Shrewsbury station quarter enhancement work to begin next week

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An aerial illustration of how the area will look once the proposed work is complete

The first phase of work to enhance and improve the area to the front of Shrewsbury railway station begins on Monday (24 June 2024).

The area includes the gyratory next to Shrewsbury railway station, connecting Castle Gates (A5191), Chester Street (A528), Smithfield Road (A458) and Cross Street (A528), along with areas to the north and south.

The ‘station quarter’ work – being carried out by local company McPhillips Ltd on behalf of Shropshire Council – is externally funded. It will be carried out in eight phases and is set to be completed by summer 2025.

Phase one of the work will include work on Castle Foregate and Howard Street, and will see the closure of the left-hand lane on Castle Foregate to the front of the station.

The second phase of work will then begin at the start of September 2024,  with phases three to eight carried out in early 2025.

For more information see the dedicated pages on the Shropshire Council website.

During the work people are being warned to expect delays in the area and drivers are encouraged to use alternative routes, or alternative forms of travel, where possible.

A number of measures are being put in place to help minimise delays and aid traffic movement including

  • Temporary traffic lights at the Howard Street junction from Tuesday 25 June – with the permanent lights switched off. If needed the temporary lights can be manually controlled.
  • Some traffic islands will be removed on Chester Street and Smithfield Road.
  • Signs will be in place around the town to warn about the roadworks.
  • An ‘access for residents and businesses only’ sign for Beacall’s Lane at its junction with New Park Road.

Council officers are also in regular contact with the bus companies to help minimise disruption to bus services during the work.

Matt Johnson, executive manager – strategic projects, with Shropshire Council, said:

“This project will see improvements around the station gyratory area which will greatly enhance the area, improve accessibility, and ease movement for people travelling through the area – whatever their mode of travel.

“There is likely to be disruption to road users while this work is carried out and we thank people for their patience and understanding while work is carried out.

“The town centre will very much be open for business during the work and we encourage people to continue visiting the town, but to consider using alternative routes if they can, or to use alternative modes of travel – including walking, cycling, public transport and park and ride.”

The second phase of work will begin at the start of September 2024, and will see the right-hand lane closed on Castle Foregate.

Working hours will be 7am to 6pm, with some night-time operations later in the programme of work.

Further information

The work will include:

  • Wider pavements, new signalised crossings and benches. The reduction of traffic and addition a of a footpath along the southern edge of Cross Street will make this a better, safer route for pedestrians.
  • Two new cycle routes to the north and south of the scheme via new active travel corridors along Castle Foregate (north of the Station) and Castle Street (south of the station towards the town centre).
  • A new 20mph speed limit throughout the Station Gyratory area to reduce vehicle speeds and further improve safety for walking and cycling movement.
  • Greener streets and spaces that promote and preserve local biodiversity.
  • Improving key junctions and access routes into and out of the Station Gyratory area.