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Sink hole in Park View, Broseley – an update

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Yesterday (22 June 2022) a sink hole was discovered in Park View, Broseley.

Shropshire Council highways officers today (23 June) met at the site with a representative of the Coal Board, who assessed the sink hole and felt it was no bigger than what could be seen (4m x 2m and 3m deep).

They did not believe the hole was likely to get any bigger and it has not worsened overnight. They have not ruled out that it may be a shallow coal mine but, from their tests, think it is more likely to be a ground water issue which had been developing over a number of years.

Severn Trent Water have checked both their clean water and sewer so the possibility of a failed utility has already been ruled out.

The next phase will be to excavate to the extent of the hole and scrape the bottom to check that the ground is indeed stable lower down as thought. Shropshire Council is  working with our contractor to get this work underway as soon as possible. A representative for the Coal Board will be on site when this work is carried out.