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Work begins to help to secure property on St Michael’s Street in Shrewsbury

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The owner of 110 St Michael’s Street in Shrewsbury has taken emergency measures to stabilise his building which is at risk of collapse. Work commenced on site at the weekend.

Over the weekend contractors have been on site to start the process of foam filling the archway of 110 St Michael’s Street to help secure the building. The property was vacated, and part of St Michael’s Street closed, on 4 June 2021, after concerns were raised about the structural stability of the property.

Since the road closure, the owner has been liaising with contractors and the council to look at the safest options to further secure the building, which will allow the council to reopen the road.

The foam filling option has been agreed by the owner, following multiple and extensive surveys and risk assessments with both the owner’s structural engineers and Shropshire Council’s building control team.

Both the owner’s and the council’s structural engineers consider that the structural condition of 110 St Michael’s Street has deteriorated to the point where it could collapse at any time.

Whilst the owner continues to consider all options with their contractor and the council, it may be that the ongoing risk to public safety that both the building itself and the road closure present, mean that demolition could be the only option available.

Ed Potter, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for economic growth, regeneration and planning, said:

“After further extensive surveys and risk assessments to the property on St Michael’s Street, we are now getting much closer to a solution to better secure the building so we can reopen the road.

“The safety to the public and the adjacent properties have been our key priority. This has been a unique and complex situation, and our teams have been working round the clock to help the owner choose the safest and best option to first secure the property from imminent collapse, and then look at the safest options to demolish the building, if it can’t be saved.

“Over the past week, more technical information has been gathered and analysed, which allows us to reassess the risks further, and gives us a much better understanding of exactly what risks we are dealing with and help the owner make the right decision.

“Once the building is secure, we will be able to reopen the road. The owner, with the advice from structural engineers will make a decision whether to demolish or repair the property.

“We want to ensure that the situation is progressed as swiftly as possible to enable us to reopen St Michael’s Street while maintaining public safety.”

Engineers are aiming to access the property to review its condition later in the week, once the foam filling has been completed ,and will look at options to see how soon the road can reopen.

In the meantime the section of St Michael’s Street (A5191) between the Flaxmill roundabout to New Park Road will remain closed to through traffic during this time.

Drivers are being urged not to use Sultan Road and New Park Road, unless they are a resident or business, when approaching town and to use alternative routes

Alternative routes for through traffic have been signposted via (out of town) Coton Hill and Ellesmere Road and (into town) via Telford Way, Pritchard Way, Bage Way and Old Potts Way.

People visiting the town centre are also encouraged to use the Park and Ride or other alternative bus services.

There will still be access for anyone needing to get to their home or business along St Michael’s Street for the period of the closure.

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