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A Tale of Two Libraries: when Shrewsbury Library meets its American namesake

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You are invited to join an online event as the power of the written – and spoken – word travels the Atlantic  on Saturday 20 March 2021, when Shrewsbury Library links up with its counterpart in Massachusetts, USA.

An image of Shrewsbury Public Library in Massachusetts, USA

Shrewsbury Public Library, Massachusetts, USA

The online event will take you on a virtual tour of the historic library building at Castle Gates, Shrewsbury, as well as giving you the chance to go behind the scenes at Shrewsbury Public Library, MA.

An image of Shrewsbury Library.

Shrewsbury Library, Shropshire

An open question and answer session will follow the tours.

Pre-booking is required, so please book your place by emailing shrewsbury.library@shropshire.gov.uk.

Katherine Berry, Shrewsbury Library branch manager, said that all were looking forward to linking up with their sister library:

“Of course we cannot travel in person at the moment, but we can certainly travel virtually, and we are excited about the prospect. We are very proud of our listed building, where Darwin himself once studied.

“We hope that this event is in the same spirit of discovery that propelled him to his world-changing work, and we are very happy to learn about how our colleagues in America run their own library.

“It’s a fabulous event and really shows the flexibility and dynamism that libraries have shown in such difficult circumstances. Anyone who’s interested in libraries and travel are encouraged to register, and to take part in this special event.”

Michael Zeller of Shrewsbury Public Library, Massachusetts, said:

“The staff of the Shrewsbury Public Library in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts is thrilled at the opportunity to take part in this transatlantic program with their sister library in the UK. While the difficulties of this year have prevented us from being able to host library programmes in person, the creativity of the staff of both Shrewsbury libraries has given us this wonderful chance to build our library community internationally.

“We’re very excited to be able to show off our building and some of the projects staff have been working on since the pandemic forced our closure to the public, and we’re equally thrilled to get the opportunity to explore the gorgeous building of our English namesake!”

Shrewsbury Calling

A Tale of Two Libraries is part of the ‘Shrewsbury Calling’ project which was started by Shrewsbury Library (UK) during the first Lockdown in 2020.

Shrewsbury Calling involved finding other Shrewsburys around the world to speak about their libraries and film a reading from Mary Webb or Charles Darwin.

Shrewsbury Public Library (MA, USA) were the first library to respond, which was the start of a new relationship which has brought about A Tale of Two Libraries.

A Tale of Two Libraries is free and open to all, and will take place on Saturday 20 March 2021 from 6pm.

Registration is required by emailing shrewsbury.library@shropshire.gov.uk.