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Three Shrewsbury charities will now ‘Pass Go’

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Three Shrewsbury charities will now get to ‘Pass Go’ on the brand new official Monopoly game for the town.

The charities will each star on the game’s three Community Chest spaces.

Shrewsbury Monopoly - Community Chest card

Shrewsbury Monopoly – Community Chest card

Jake Houghton, Custom Games Executive at Winning Moves UK, makers of the new game under license from Monopoly owners Hasbro, Inc:

“We originally offered two but the response has been so great that we are now giving all three Community Chest space on the new Shrewsbury gameboard to charities.”

To qualify the charities have to be “clearly Shrewsbury focused”, added Mr Houghton. They must also be currently registered with The Charity Commission for England and Wales.

Polls closed last night (Monday 21 May 2019).

It was three weeks ago that Shrewsbury is getting its very own official Monopoly game. The public was invited at the time of the announcement to send in votes and suggestions to star on the Monopoly spaces and Community Chest and Chance cards. Polls for general suggestions close at 11.59pm on Saturday 1 June 2019.

The new edition will be available at all major retailers starting in October in Shrewsbury and beyond, as well as at online retailers including Amazon. Shrewsbury Castle, The Abbey and The Dana (ex-prison) have all polled very well so far.

Jake Houghton:-

“The game will feature the great and the good of Shrewsbury.”

Polls for general suggestions by 11.59pm on 1 June. By email to: info@6starpr.co.uk ; or to the official Shrewsbury Monopoly Facebook page ; or by good old fashioned post, to:  Shrewsbury Monopoly charity nominations, Winning Moves UK, 7 Praed Street, London W2 1NJ.