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Tesco staff help to save skylark habitat at Ifton Meadows nature reserve

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Tesco staff at Ifton Meadows nature reserve

Tesco staff at Ifton Meadows nature reserve

Shropshire Council’s outdoor recreation team recently welcomed Tesco staff to Ifton Meadows local nature reserve in St Martins to help save an important skylark habitat.

The group of 17 keen people from Tesco stores across north Shropshire visited the reserve as part of the Big Dee Day.

The day was spent cutting back encroaching vegetation to keep the breeding fields free from trees within which predators such as crows can perch and raid the nests of the skylarks.

The Big Dee Day is a landscape initiative focussing upon the River Dee and its catchment area. The scheme follows the course of the River Dee through counties in Wales and England and sees volunteer action to protect and appreciate that landscape on a specific day in September every year. Dozens of events have taken place across the area with hundreds of people involved in a day of action, which this year was on 18 September 2018.

For more information on The Big Dee Day or volunteering in the Shropshire countryside please contact Shaun Burkey at shaun.burkey@shropshire.gov.uk.