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News from our partners: Environment Agency advice for Bonfire Night event organisers

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News from our partners Environment Agency

If your Bonfire Night (Monday 5 November 2018, or preceding weekend) plans include an actual bonfire, we are asking people planning these events to check that what they are proposing to burn is suitable in order to minimise pollution and reduce the risk of waste being disposed of inappropriately.

It is illegal to burn many types of wastes – setting fire to treated wood, plastics, tyres, rubber and oil can both pollute the environment and harm human health.

We would like to take this opportunity to ask organisers to be vigilant and carry out the following:

  • Keep your location secure so others cannot add unsuitable waste material to the bonfire pile;
  • Ensure that only materials such as untreated wood and branches are burnt. Make sure you know where the material has come from and that it is in line with the guidance available;
  • We advise that you view the material at the place of origin before it is imported to your site, to reduce the risk of any issues arising.

If we suspect inappropriate or unsuitable wastes are to be burnt at an event, or there is a potential for significant harm to the environment, we can issue a STOP notice which can require adjustments to be made or prevent an event from taking place.

Obviously we want people to enjoy these events and don’t want to prevent them from occurring, but we need to consider the environmental impact these events can have.

We hope that this advice is helpful and that the event is a success. If you would like to discuss any aspect of this further, please contact our Customers and Engagement team on the details below:-

Sentinel House, 9 Wellington Crescent, Fradley Park, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS13 8RR Customer services line: 03708 506 506 Email: enquiries_westmids@environment-agency.gov.uk   www.gov.uk/environment-agency