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Broseley Life Skills benefits from Community Chest Funding

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News from our partners Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing (STAR Housing)

Broseley Life Skills group are celebrating after being awarded £750 by STAR Housing’s Community Chest Fund to build a gate and fencing around a sensory garden and social space adjoined to their unit.

The group, based in Broseley, was set up to help people in the community who have disabilities or additional needs learn important life skills to improve their confidence and increase their independence.

Broseley Life Skills group

Broseley Life Skills group

The fencing and gate will provide crucial security to the boundary of the garden and its members. The garden itself was developed as a place of relaxation and social development for members of the group, with doctors and other healthcare professionals citing its positive health impacts to these individuals and the community.

Commenting on the effect the fencing has had on the garden and the community, Joanne Horler from Broseley Life Skills, said:

“The fencing has greatly benefited members as it has separated the garden from other units in the area and kept members safer whilst in the garden. It has also helped build the sense of community in the group as a sense of pride has arisen in the garden making it a much nicer place for members to invite family and friends. It’s a much nicer place for members now since the fencing has been put up. Thanks to STAR Housing for all their help.”

STAR Housing’s Neighbourhood Manager Martin Whitelegg, added:

“We are very happy to be able to award this fantastic group with money from our Community Chest Fund, helping them to become safer, more independent and more united as a community.”

The Community Chest Fund is a pot of money that is put aside by STAR Housing for local projects in the communities in which it operates. People can apply for grants of up to £750 to either make their community cleaner, greener or more united.

Previous successful projects include patios for community areas, swings for local parks and cleaning up areas of housing that need attention.

For more information regarding the Community Chest Fund, or to apply for some of the monies available, please visit STAR Housing’s website.