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Shropshire Archives thanks volunteers

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Shropshire Council’s Shropshire Archives has added over 19,000 records relating to the county online following a mammoth effort by volunteers.

Shropshire Archives thanks over 30 volunteers who have worked tirelessly on the project since 2013.

The records are a collection of charters, deeds, surveys, manorial records, and miscellaneous documents previously held in the Shrewsbury Public Library which date back to the 12th century. Volunteers have added information about all the records to the Shropshire Archives catalogue which is now available online.

An image of a Queen Elizabeth I, Great Seal document that has been digitised by Shropshire Archives.

Queen Elizabeth I, Great Seal

Lezley Picton, Shropshire Council Cabinet member for culture and leisure said:

“We are so grateful to all the volunteers who have worked so hard on this project over the past five years. Now this information will be easily available to anyone interested in the history of the county. We are very fortunate that so many people in Shropshire are keen and able to give their time and skills to help us preserve Shropshire’s heritage.”

A few highlights from the collection, which is all grouped under the reference number 6000, include:

  • Grant from William of Chester to St Peter and the monks of Shrewsbury abbey, c1150 (reference 6000/373)
  • Pardon from Henry, Prince of Wales, later Henry V, of Welsh rebels, 1407 (reference 6000/175)
  • Deed by Queen Elizabeth I to Thomas Owen of the Manor of Condover, 28 March 1586 (reference 6000/13469)
  • Propositions for the security of town of Shrewsbury during the Civil War, October 1642 (reference 6000/13288)
  • Petition from Shrewsbury Electors to Benjamin Disraeli, Shrewsbury MP and later Prime Minister, and George Tomline, 1840 (reference 6000/440)

The volunteers are now working on other collections which will all, in due course, be added to the catalogue.

For further information about Shropshire Archives visit the website at www.shropshirearchives.org.uk, call 0345 678 9096 or email archives@shropshire.gov.uk.