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Whittington Fete supported by Community Chest Fund

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News from our partners Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing

Thousands of people flocked to Whittington Fete on Monday 28 August 2017, hosted by community partnership group, Whittington Together.

people at Whittington Fete

Whittington Fete 2017

Whittington Together includes 13 local volunteer and charity organisations with the goals of working together, learning from each other, engaging with local businesses and youngsters and ultimately, bringing the community together.

Having previously supported the partnership, Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing (STAR Housing) was delighted to grant further funding of £500 through its Community Chest Fund for a gazebo.

Ian Johnson, Chairman of Whittington Together, said:

“In 2016 STAR Housing provided a grant of £500 to help form the community group Whittington Together. This year, a further grant provided us with a gazebo that has helped us build our identity and to promote our activities which we undertake to benefit the community of Whittington.”

STAR Housing also took the opportunity to have a presence at the fete to talk to people and answer their questions.

Sharon Whitechurch, STAR Housing’s Involvement and Empowerment Officer, said:

“The weather was glorious and the fete was really well attended. We have a large number of homes in the surrounding areas and it is a great way to meet our customers. We really enjoy attending events such as these so we can reach the wider community and showcase what we do.”

Everything STAR Housing does has its vision at its core: listening to our residents, together we create quality homes and vibrant communities.

One of the things it does to help realise this, is to set aside a budget each year to invest into its Community Chest Fund, a grant of up to £750 that any community group or individual can apply for to fund community based projects.

Eligibility for funding through the Community Chest is met by a project falling into at least one of four categories:

  • Making communities safer with things such as school walking groups or extra security lighting.
  • Making your local area greener or more attractive by the planting of shrubbery or other similar projects.
  • Making the area cleaner by holding educational workshops or clean up days.
  • Projects that bring communities together and encourage better relations between neighbours.

If people have a project that they would like to be considered for funding by STAR Housing’s panel of tenants or would like more information on the Community Chest Fund they should visit http://www.starhousing.org.uk/community-and-involvement/community-chest/ where an application form can be found.