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Shrewsbury gyratory improvement work – update 24 August 2017

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Improvement work began at the English Bridge gyratory and Coleham Head in Shrewsbury in the week beginning 31 July 2017.

The work is being carried out as part of the Shrewsbury Integrated Transport Package (SITP) and is due to be completed in late October.

This is the second in a planned series of progress updates, which can also be seen at shropshire.gov.uk/sitp.

Update – 24 August 2017

Works are progressing as planned, with the northern footway revised layout beginning to take shape. The current traffic management layouts have had minimal impact on traffic, which is flowing well around the gyratory system. Temporary pedestrian facilities are in place and local businesses are being liaised with and accommodated within the working areas.

Works will commence at Coleham Head / Londgen Road junction on Tuesday 29 August under temporary traffic signals with closure of old Coleham junction.

The Old Abbey Foregate junction (up to Railway Lane) will be closed on Tuesday 29 August to allow the works to progress at this junction. Temporary diversion routes will be in operation.

To see a plan of the work to be caried out at Coleham Head, click here.

Further information

This diagram shows a detailed plan of the work that is being carried out at the gyratory.

This diagram shows a detailed plan of the work that is being carried out at Coleham Head.

For more information about the work, watch the video below – or go to shropshire.gov.uk/sitp.

What is the Shrewsbury Integrated Transport Package?

The Shrewsbury Integrated Transport Package (SITP) aims to stop drivers using the town centre as a through route, and to make better use of the town’s outer and inner ring roads instead.

At the same time, a number of improvements are planned for the town centre to make it more attractive and appealing for pedestrians, and make it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to access the town centre and find their way around.

The SITP has been designed to improve access to the town, make it a safer and more appealing place to visit or do business, whilst also reducing pollution levels.

Drawn up by experts from Shropshire Council and its consultant WSP, with the support of Shrewsbury BID and Shrewsbury Vision, the plans have been approved by the Department for Transport. The plans aim to ensure the infrastructure of our county is fit for purpose and will remain fit for purpose for the foreseeable future and beyond.

What work is taking place under the SITP?

The SITP work falls into two main categories:

(1) Key junction improvements – February 2017 to October 2017

Work is/was scheduled to take place at the following locations, on the dates stated:
•Meole Brace roundabout – from 10 February to 30 May 2017
•Sutton Park roundabout – from 10 April to 7 May 2017
•Reabrook roundabout – from 8 May to 28 July 2017
•English Bridge Gyratory (inc Coleham Head) – from 31 July to end of October 2017

The programme is subject to change due to acceleration of works or unforeseen events. Please continue to look at the Shropshire Council website for up-to-date details.

The programme as a whole has been agreed to take into account the major events that are taking place, or took place, in Shrewsbury during the spring and summer.

(2) Town centre improvements – beginning in January 2018

Who is paying for the SITP work?

The project will be delivered thanks to Government funding secured by The Marches Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) as part of an £80m Growth Deal to support infrastructure and broadband schemes in the region.

The work will cost £12m – with £6m coming from the Marches LEP, and £6m from developer contributions under the community infrastructure levy (CIL) and section 106 payments.

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