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New design and conservation awards launched by Shropshire Council

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Shropshire Council is launching an initiative to promote, encourage and recognise inclusive, sustainable and high-quality developments across the county: design and conservation awards.

As part of this commitment to plan for, and secure, a locally distinctive, innovative and environmentally-sound built environment, we are inviting entries over the next seven months to compete in various categories for an award, which will be celebrated at a special awards ceremony to be held in December 2017.

The awards are intended to celebrate cutting edge projects in architecture, urban design, planning, building conservation and landscape architecture in Shropshire. They must be capable of being completed over the next seven to nine months, in readiness for the judging to take place in September 2017 and October 2017.

There are six individual categories, as follows:

  • Restoration or repair of a Listed Building – for projects achieving the highest standards of historic research, and applying appropriate design and repair techniques.
  • New design in the historic environment – for projects introducing contemporary design and materials which respect and integrate sensitively into a historic setting.
  • Landscaping and public realm – for projects providing well thought out and creative private and public open space, so as to enhance a development and its integration into the surrounding built and natural environment.
  • Commercial scale developments – for projects which have a community or business end use, which provide stimulating and innovative solutions to designing and delivering large scale schemes.
  • Low or zero carbon building – for projects with green building principles at their core.
  • Concept or masterplan – for projects pushing the boundaries of design in the county, but which have not yet been implemented.

A number of additional awards will be made to individuals and organisations who it is felt have pushed the boundaries in terms of design and community engagement, for their services to conservation in the county.

Mal Price, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for planning and housing, said:

“I’m delighted that Shropshire Council is launching this important initiative to encourage and recognise sustainable and high-quality developments across the county. It’ll be fascinating to see who the winners are this time next year.”

Sponsorship opportunities exist for each of the categories or for the overall ceremony from affiliated organisations with an interest in the built environment of Shropshire.

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