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Blog: Dry January – Anne-Marie

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During this month, we’re issuing people’s views and experiences about their Dry January 2016 challenge.

Well this is what may be my final instalment for Dry January.

I have just finished the penultimate “Dry” weekend and the finish point is in sight. So how has it been? Ok is the short answer, I am certainly not desperate for the 1st of February to arrive so that I can crack open a bottle. I can honestly say

I haven’t missed drinking and it has made me wonder why my weekend treat is alcohol. I have certainly gained some £’s and lost a few lbs so all good and an incentive to continue. I am going to re-think my weekend routine and mix it up a bit in the future.

I will continue to be “Dry” until I decide that I might enjoy a glass of wine rather than just having it because it is Friday night. It has also made my husband re think his drinking habits too and he like me is thinking that he will have a drink if he feels like he may enjoy one rather than just because….

So here’s to a year of what is looking like reduced alcohol and maybe I will tell you how I got on in next year’s blog!