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Local buses updates for service 20 (Radbrook Green, Shrewsbury) and service 436A

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Service 20 (Radbrook Green)

As previously advertised, Service 20 (Radbrook Green) is now operated by Lakeside Coaches from Monday 30 October 2023. The service was previously operated by Arriva Midlands.

All current timetables remain in place, with the contract solely funded by funding from the Government, which is available until March 2025. During this period, work will be carried out to understand if and how usage of the service can be increased in the long-term to make it more sustainable – or whether to incorporate it into the Connect On-Demand network at a later date.

Timetable details of the 20 service can be found here. All existing pre-purchased passes will be accepted on this service.

Service 436A (Bridgnorth to Shrewsbury)

There have been concerns raised relating to the early morning route on the 436 (Bridgnorth to Shrewsbury) service between Morville and Cross Houses due to large numbers of passengers looking to use the service at a specific time. To address these concerns and provide additional capacity on this route, Lakeside Coaches will be operating the 436A service from Monday 6 November 2023.

An additional journey operating between Morville and Shrewsbury from 7.38am will collect at all stops along the route towards Shrewsbury. All existing passes will be accepted. This should ensure suitable capacity on the morning service into Shrewsbury for commuters and students. See Lakeside Coaches timetable online, from Monday 6 November when uploaded.

Timetable details of the 436, operated by Select Bus Services, can also be found here.

Connect On-Demand

Throughout November, Shropshire Connect On-Demand will be operating its pre-launch service, letting customers test out the service prior to its full-service launch on Monday 4 December. For more details, click here.