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Flats residents praise for support as waters test flood resilience 

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Residents of Shropshire’s largest block of flats have given thanks to Shropshire Council for support in gaining funding and installing anti-flood equipment to protect their homes. 

People living in Coton Manor, in Berwick Road, Shrewsbury, were hit hard by the floods in 2021 and again last year, but the building has benefitted from the installation of six pumps and has had custom built flooding equipment installed for all entry doors, and state of the art flooding vents to the basement which close on water detection. Funding for the equipment was provided in partnership with the Government, then Defra, and Shropshire Council. 

Peter Hilditch, director of Coton Manor, said:-

“This is the first time we have put this equipment to the test, but so far it has been very positive. 

“The pumps have certainly saved one of our buildings from flooding and we are hoping they will be able to cope as the water levels continue to rise.” 

He added that water levels are rising at the rear of the flats and the flood gates will also be installed. 

“We have a team of eight official flood volunteers who will be putting up the floodgates across our doors, but I fully expect more people will come to help. It‘s a team effort and people are prepared to help where they can. 

“We are so grateful these measures are in place this time, and it was an excellent example of partnership working that has brought us this equipment and the ability to hopefully protect our homes.” 

Coton Manor, Shrewsbury residents. Sue McCulloch Peter Hilditch Tia Williamson Sarah Allman and Tilly the dog.

Coton Manor, Shrewsbury:- Sue McCulloch, Peter Hilditch (director), Tilly the dog, Tia Williamson, Sarah Allman.

Ian Nellins, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for climate change, environment and transport, said:-

“Shropshire Council was successful in processing an application from Coton Manor for funding towards Property Flood Resilience (PFR) measures to make the building more resilient to future flood events. 

“These measures were funded as part of what was Defra’s Property Flood Resilience Recovery Support Scheme, which was made available to properties initially affected by the flooding in 2020. 

“The flooding peaks are not within our control, but it is reassuring to know that so much has been invested in Coton Manor to support the residents and their homes, as it has across other parts of the county affected by flooding.”