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Work underway to resurface the A41 near Bletchley

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Dean Carroll on the A41

Councillor Dean Carroll on a site visit to the A41 to watch the resurfacing work

Work to resurface a two-mile stretch of the A41 – from Bletchley Dual End to Upper College junction – is being carried out by Shropshire Council and its partner Kier from 11 to 30 July [2022].

It’s part of Shropshire Council’s annual resurfacing programme, which will see more than 40 stretches of road treated this year – including 11 in July.

Last week, Dean Carroll, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for highways visited the site to see the work being carried out and find out more.

He said:

“The A41 is one of the busiest roads in Shropshire. It’s a two-mile stretch from the north end of the dual carriageway up through the Sandford bend,

“It’ll take about a fortnight to completely resurface, but when it’s done there’ll be a fantastic new road surface laid down for people to drive on.”

See more in this short video.

Other roads being resurfaced in the coming weeks are:

  • 11 to 22 July: New Park Road, Shrewsbury
  • 18 to 26 July: U8260 – Oldfield Cottages to Tedstill
  • 25 to 30 July: C4256 – Oreton Road
  • 25 July to 2 August: C6196 – Mardu Lane
  • 25 July to 14 August: Water Street, Shrewsbury

For more information about each scheme, see and search the interactive map on the one.network website.

The sites being resurfaced have been identified via a combination of local engineering judgment and asset management data as being in need of resurfacing. The sites form part of a countywide programme of schemes, scheduled to deliver the work in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

To ensure value for money, roads that are likely to need costly repairs in the future are prioritised.

Other planned work

For information about other planned highways maintenance work being carried out in July, click here.