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Robert Clive statue in The Square, Shrewsbury – an update

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Part of the interpretation panel currently on display in Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

In July 2020 Shropshire Council’s Cabinet decided to keep the Robert Clive statue in situ in The Square, Shrewsbury, with interpretation.

Shropshire Museum Service then sought and secured funding for the works, drafted interpretation material, and consulted relevant stakeholders.

Final sign-off on the wording and agreement of a stone inset and upright interpretation panel was given in July 2021.

To mitigate delays, the Museum Service erected a temporary interpretation panel at the entrance to Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery. During periods in which Lockdown forced the closure of the museum, staff worked to reinterpret items on display relating to British colonialism and updated in excess of 200 catalogue entries.

City ID who have been appointed to deliver wayfinding and heritage interpretation across the town, have been commissioned to design and produce an interpretation panel which will be installed adjacent to the statue. We are working towards an installation date of February 2022.

Follow this link to see the Clive interpretation panel that is on display in Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery. The same wording will be used on the permanent panel.