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Views sought about proposed pedestrianisation of Bridgnorth High Street

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Bridgnorth residents and businesses are being asked for their views on a proposed phased pedestrianisation scheme along High Street – including public realm improvements on High Street and Whitburn Street.

The proposals – which would create an enhanced destination experience for Bridgnorth town centre  – have been published as part of a public engagement exercise that has seen a number of ideas published for improving transport and travel in the town.

Other proposals for Bridgnorth include a new town centre multi-storey car park, a new junction from the A458 to provide direct access to the Oldbury Wells school, and an electric bus hopper service.

People are being encouraged to comment on which of the ideas they would like to see progressed – if funding becomes available – using an online survey, or at a drop-in session being held at the Town Hall on Thursday 4 November between 10am and 5pm.

Bridgnorth High Street is currently dominated by vehicular traffic throughout the day, preventing best use of space in the heart of the town centre.

The proposed phases of the High Street public realm and pedestrianisation scheme are:

  • Phase One: full pedestrianisation between Cliff Road and Whitburn Street. This would allow a civic town square to be created where greenery and benches could be used amongst water features to present an active public space in the heart of the town centre.
  • Phase Two: part pedestrianisation between Whitburn Street and St Mary’s Street. This would involve resurfacing the street using materials which reflect shared use between pedestrians and private vehicles in addition to creating flushed surfaces. To support these design improvements, all but essential parking on the High Street would be removed and access restricted to local residents, servicing and public transport and taxi drop off only.
  • Phase Three: full pedestrianisation between St Mary’s Street and Listley Street. This would create a new traffic-free active space on the High Street which could be used for outdoor leisure and seasonal events throughout the year.

Views and comments about the proposals can be shared via the public survey found using this link until Thursday 25 November [2021].