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UPDATED: Businesses urged to ensure they have pest control measures in place following rat infestation at local business

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Clarification: The off licence Threshers Wine Shop in Shrewsbury is in no way associated with Threshers the online retailer.

Shropshire Council’s health protection team have issued a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice at Threshers Wine Shop, 7 Shoplatch, Shrewsbury, closing the business in response to a public health complaint and identification of a serious rat infestation at the premises.

This notice has subsequently been replaced by a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order which temporarily closes the premises for up to 21 days to allow the owner to deal with the rat infestation and undertake the necessary proofing works and treatment of their property.

Our health protection team continues to work with the business to make the necessary improvements and ensure all prevention measures are carried out before the Order is lifted.

Simon Jones, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for adult social care and public health, said:-

“Our key priority is the health and safety of customers. Every year our inspectors make hundreds of hygiene inspections visits to premises that handle and serve food, because the public want to have confidence and reassurance that where they buy food from meet the standards expected. 

“While many of the county’s food businesses across Shropshire meet the highest food hygiene inspection rating of 5, when we do encounter food safety issues, we need to act quickly as the public rightly expect us to do so.  

“We are aware that rat infestations increase during the winter as they look to settle inside looking for warmer conditions, food and shelter. I would therefore urge all businesses to ensure they have the appropriate pest control checks in place and that they seek a reputable pest control contractor to undertake any remedial actions, including pest proofing and preventative baiting.  Businesses can find out more by visiting our Pest Control webpage or emailing pestcontrol@shropshire.gov.uk or food@shropshire.gov.uk.”