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£170 million handed out to Shropshire businesses to help the economy bounce back

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Almost £170 million of business grants have been handed to businesses by Shropshire Council in the last 20 months, as we work hard to ensure the county’s businesses bounce back.

Shropshire’s Economic Recovery Taskforce has been working hard to bring Shropshire through the challenges of the last 20 months.

Shropshire Council were quick to react to the pandemic and established the taskforce to focus on how best to support Shropshire’s economy through this extremely difficult period, and beyond.

Key partners, stakeholders and organisations from across the county joined together to discuss how best to meet the challenge and what steps to take to both restart and revitalise the economy.

The achievements through the task force have included the delivery of 34,067 business grants to the value of nearly £170m, plus numerous other projects, run by both the council and partners, to support market towns, communities and individuals.

This has included a £2.76m Economic Recovery Fund alongside the High Street / Welcome Back Fund and Town Centre Recovery Programmes.

The ‘’What’s next for Shropshire 2022 – 2027?” workshop will look to establish the roadmap out of the crisis and create the conditions for resilient, sustainable, inclusive and healthy economic growth in the future for the county.

Ed Potter, Shropshire Council’s Deputy Leader, and Cabinet member for economic growth, planning and regeneration, said:

“We have been through unprecedented times, which has meant significant disruption to the economy in Shropshire. We met this challenge head-on and now want to plan the way forward.

“We invite stakeholders, business leaders and interested parties within Shropshire to join us in person or online to help us shape the future of the county’s economy.”

The conference and workshops will be held on Wednesday 3 November 2021 from 9am to 12.30pm at the Sovereign Suite, Shrewsbury Town Football Club, Montgomery Waters Meadow and will be a hybrid event offering the opportunity to attend either in person or online.

The numbers for attending the event in person will be limited to 150; however, the live streaming of the event will enable participants to contribute online to the workshops and collaborative activities.

Details to register on Eventbrite can be found on Shropshire Council’s Invest in Shropshire website and the Business Support page on the Shropshire Council website.