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Independent shop owner aiming to make the world a better place, one customer at a time  

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Esteban Bridges inside the new Buttercup Bookshop

Estaban Bridges inside the new Buttercup Bookshop

The owner of an established DVD store and a new bookshop in Shrewsbury’s Darwin Centre is urging people to support the county’s small, independent businesses as Lockdown measures are eased.

Esteban Bridges runs DVD Megastore and Buttercup Bookshop in The Collective – the new independents traders’ gallery in the Centre.

Established in 2015, DVD Megastore relocated from the Pride Hill Centre last December – and Buttercup Bookshop opened its doors for the first time in April this year when non-essential stores were able to re-open as lockdown measures were eased.

Esteban Bridges at DVD Megastore in The Collective

Estaban Bridges at DVD Megastore in The Collective

Estaban is the perfect example of local retail success. Going from a one-man market stall selling 200 of his own DVDs to a fully stocked store in The Collective with four members of staff, it’s been quite the journey for this home-grown entrepreneur, who is excited for the future of retail.

He says:

“Behind our welcome signs and window displays are owners and associates working towards making the world a better place, one customer at a time. By supporting independent businesses you support a vision, a mission and more often than not a good cause, too.

“We appreciate and are thankful for every visit, every sale, every social media interaction; it all helps in providing a positivity injection to not only the owner, but also the local economy.”

 Kevin Lockwood, Shrewsbury shopping centres manager, said:

“We were really pleased that Estaban relocated DVD Megastore to The Collective, and thrilled that he then chose to open a new bookstore. We wish him – and all traders in The Collective – every success.

“For so many thousands of businesses, the past 12 months have presented the biggest challenge that UK retail has ever faced.

“As retailers welcome people back into their shops, we are all hopeful that the predicted snap back for local economies is here to stay.  We’ve all missed browsing and visiting shops over the past few months. It’s great that people can see, feel and experience shopping again and we encourage everyone to think local and support our small, independent businesses and give them all a real boost.”

One of the many who have been supported by the work of The Prince’s Trust, Estaban now plans to support others on their journey by providing a book launch venue for local authors.

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Home to a range of stores and a café, The Collective is fast becoming a bustling independent shopping destination, with the spirit of local business at its heart – and is the embodiment of local enterprise and town centre regeneration.

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