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Have your say on the future of the planning process

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A document setting out how Shropshire Council will seek to get people involved in the planning process has gone out for public consultation.

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) will go out for public comment for the next 12 weeks, and gives residents a guide on how you can have your say on planning applications – especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

It sets out how Shropshire Council will engage communities and organisations on planning issues across the county.

It gives information on how the council seeks to involve people in the plan-making process and in the determination of individual planning applications.

Robert Macey, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for housing and strategic planning, said:

“Planning plays an important role in shaping the places where people live and work; therefore, it is important that there is public confidence in the planning system.

“The planning system affects everybody who lives in, works in or visits Shropshire.

“By getting involved in the planning process local communities, stakeholders and other organisations can contribute more to the shaping of their local environment.

“It is the role of Local Planning Authorities to administer the planning process, both in setting long term priorities for their area and in making judgements on development proposals. This must be done in a fair and open manner, which allows the opportunity for the public to become empowered in the decision-making process.

“The council views constructive community involvement as central to the development of sound and robust plans and in the determination of individual planning applications.”

The Statement of Community Involvement sets out who the council will seek to involve in the preparation of planning policy documents and in the determination of planning applications; how this process will be handled; when this involvement will happen; and what methods will be used to encourage as wide involvement as possible.

The council will use electronic communication as the default method, as it is often the most efficient, and allows residents to view, consider and comment as required, at a time and place convenient to them.

This is particularly the case during the coronavirus pandemic, which has further required electronic communication processes wherever possible.

However, where the council can’t rely upon this, other methods including printed material are used.

You can have your say on the consultation by visiting: https://www.shropshire.gov.uk/get-involved/draft-statement-of-community-involvement-nov-2020/

It is due to run from today (Monday 9 November 2020) to Monday 1 February 2021.