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Coronavirus: Shropshire COVID-19 update (6 November -12 November 2020)

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During the 7-day period from 6 November –12 November 2020 in Shropshire:

  • 790 new cases reported
  • This was an increase of 113 cases compared to the previous week
  • The seven-day infection rate for Shropshire was 244.5 cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 of the population.
  • For the West Midlands it was 354.9 per 100,000
  • For England it was 269.5 per 100,000
  • 175 cases relate to 20-29-year olds
  • 80 cases relate to people aged 70+
  • During the last week 39% of cases were in the Shrewsbury & Atcham area
  • 30% were in north Shropshire
  • 31% in south Shropshire

You can find out how many cases are in your local area here

A graph highlighting Shropshire's positive cases for the week 6-12 November

A graph highlighting Shropshire’s positive cases for the week 6-12 November

If you are asked to self-isolate, please do. We have come across some people that don’t. If you don’t, you are putting people’s lives at risk, including your own family and friends.

You can be asked to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace, a nursery, school, college, university, workplace or by any health professional. Even if you have no symptoms, you must follow these rules:

Do not:

Visit family or friends

Go to any shops or supermarkets: instead, order food online or ask for help

Go outside to exercise or walk your dog

Go to work, university, college or school: instead, work or study from home if you can

Use public transport, taxis or share a car

Attend parties or other events, even if these are outside.

Tests can be booked for yourself or any member of your household. All tests must be booked in advance. Residents can register by calling NHS Test and Trace on 119 or by clicking here.

Stay Home, stay safe, look after each other – and thank you for Stepping Up Shropshire.