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Shropshire Council Cabinet member’s warning after catching COVID-19

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The importance of following coronavirus regulations has been highlighted by a Shropshire Council Cabinet member, who tested positive.

Gwilym Butler, who is Cabinet member for communities, place planning and regulatory services, was contacted by NHS Test and Trace after coming into contact with somebody with the virus, and went on to test positive himself, despite only having minor symptoms.

He said in previous years the symptoms he experienced would not have stopped him from working – and fears people could end up as so-called super-spreaders unless they take the threat of coronavirus seriously.

Councillor Gwilym Butler

He said:

“I had a funny sensation in my mouth and a lack of taste, and then I had a notification through to self-isolate through NHS Test and Trace, and I went on to order a test.

“I managed to book a test at the drive-through centre at Telford and it was very quick and efficient. I didn’t even have to wait or get out of my car and the result was back in 24 hours.

“It came back positive that I had the virus, which came as a bit of a surprise as I had not been suffering badly; which just goes to show how different the impact the virus can have on different people.”

Councillor Butler said he followed NHS advice from online resources to take paracetamol and he was kept up-to-date with regular notifications and texts.

He added:

“I had a heavy head, almost like a cold really and the sensation in my mouth and that was it – and they were not symptoms that would have kept me off work in previous years.

“I think this really goes to highlight how vital it is that everybody takes the virus extremely seriously and if you are contacted by track and trace or experience any of the symptoms that you take action immediately for the good of everybody else.

“My worry is that if people don’t take serious action early, they can end up being super-spreaders and infect many people.”

He said he was surprised how mild his symptoms were, especially given that he has had some underlying health problems this year.

He said:

“I have recently received the all clear from cancer myself, so I suppose it makes you think again how much worse this could have been.

“I was also so pleased I had taken advice from my consultant and had the flu and pneumonia jab in early October which I am sure helped.

“But I just really want to urge people to follow NHS Test and Trace guidance and if you are feeling unwell with coronavirus symptoms, book a test immediately and self-isolate until you get the result back.

“I am calling on everyone in the county to keep doing what you are doing – Step Up Shropshire – and we can curb the tide of infections.”