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Tree scheme launched with tribute to “much loved” Shropshire Council worker

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A tree will be planted in memory of a popular and well-loved Shropshire Council worker who recently passed away.

Percy Mullaly worked as car park attendant at the council’s Shirehall headquarters for a number of years.

Percy Mullaly

Percy Mullaly

Now a tree will be planted in his honour to mark the launch of the council’s Community Tree Scheme, which aims to plant a tree for every resident in the county.

The scheme will supply transplant trees and hedgerow stock for planting during the coming autumn/winter season.

Percy, who was a former deputy headteacher at Crowmoor Primary School, passed away last month and was a popular and well-loved member of the team at Shropshire Council.

A condolence book was opened for staff to pay tribute which had an overwhelming response – and it was felt the planting of a tree was the perfect tribute to him.

Percy was also a previous chairman of the Shropshire Schools and Colleges Football Association (SSCFA).

Darren Mullaly, Percy’s son, said:

“It is an honour to have a tree planted by Shropshire Council in memory of my dad.

“It is really touching to know that he was so well thought of by his colleagues and he really was one of the most well-known people at Shirehall, meeting and greeting those who arrived.

“We look forward to seeing the tree and are sure it will be a perfect tribute.”

Applications are invited from people who wish to plant trees and short sections of hedging and create small areas of woodland in the county.

The planting must be fully visible to the public, if not directly accessible, and support the objectives of enhancing landscape and wildlife values.

Dean Carroll, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for adult social care, public health and climate change, said:

“We are so excited to announce that our Community Tree Scheme is back up and running and taking applications.

“This scheme is a real marker in our bid to become carbon neutral by 2030 – and it is hoped 12,500 new trees will be planted across the county this year, while we are also hoping to accelerate that number going forward.

“It is also really special that the first tree will be planted in honour of Percy, who was one of the most well-known and most-loved members of staff at Shirehall.

“We are focussing this year on planting groups of native trees and shrubs as copses and small areas of woodland, to maximise the benefits for landscape and wildlife around the county.

“A really exciting new feature of the scheme this year, is that successful applicants must be prepared to show the location and planting details of their trees on an interactive map of Shropshire.

“This will provide a permanent and growing record of where trees have been planted around the county.”

Residents will also have the option of planting small amounts of native hedgerow, either to ‘gap up’ existing hedgerows or to create short lengths of new ones, where this improves habitat continuity or connectivity.

The planted trees and hedges will also ‘lock up’ carbon and provide other environmental benefits as they grow and mature, contributing in their own small way towards our ambition of making Shropshire net zero carbon by 2030.

All planting stock will be sourced and grown within the UK.

Please note that we cannot supply trees where planting is required by law or other obligation, for example to comply with a condition attached to a planning permission, or to replace trees unlawfully removed.

You can apply to join the scheme by clicking here.