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National Offer Day for secondary school places

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Today (Monday 2 March 2020) is National Offer Day, when the allocation of secondary school places is made to children across the country.

In Shropshire Council’s area, where 2,863 children sought places at secondary schools, 90.4 per cent – 2,588 children – were offered their first preference school.

Ed Potter, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for children’s services, said:-

“At this stage in the 2020 admissions process, Shropshire is delighted that, as in previous years, a high percentage of pupils have been offered their first preference school.

“We have always met a high percentage of first preference requests and been ranked amongst the top three West Midlands local authorities.

“Parents are invited to submit three preferences, and over 96 per cent of Shropshire parents have been offered a place at one of their preferred schools.”


Primary to Secondary2020 2019
 No.% No.%
Number of applications2,863 2,913
Number allocated their 1st preference2,58890.4 2,63090.3
Number allocated their 2nd preference1384.8 1545.3
Number allocated their 3rd preference371.3 311.1
Number allocated one of their preferences2,76396.5% 2,81596.6%
Number allocated an alternative preference1003.5 983.4