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Maesbury Metals wins Oswestry in Bloom award

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Maesbury Metals, a small metal workshop for adults with learning disabilities in Oswestry run by Shropshire Council, took home the award for ‘Best Commercial Premises’ in a recent Oswestry in Bloom judging.

It won the ‘Gold Award & Winner’ for their fabulous displays at the workshop unit, situated on Maes-y-Clwydd industrial estate.

Oswestry in Bloom is a committee built up of individuals and organisations, that work unremittingly to reform the quality of the visual appearance of the town. Their aim is to improve the personal experience of the local residents and any visitors to the area. For the 11th year running, Oswestry Town has been a gold award winner of the Heart of England in Bloom Competition.

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Lee Chapman, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for adult services, said:-

“Maesbury Metals is a fantastic facility which really improves the quality of life for people with learning disabilities. It consistently provides them with new skills, new responsibilities and new opportunities every day.”

Keith Barrow, Shropshire Council Leader and Shropshire Councillor for Oswestry South, said:-

“Maesbury Metals is a ‘can do’ place, a small metal workshop for adults with learning disabilities who produce a fantastic range of bespoke products made from metal and wood. The Oswestry in Bloom competition was a brilliant opportunity to really show off what they ‘can do’. It is not a surprise that after generating such beautifully-crafted art based pieces, they were able to create an award-winning display of flowers and vegetables in the car park of the enterprise unit. I congratulate them on their award.”

At Maesbury Metals team members are provided with training and support, whilst working with different hardware materials. They are encouraged to learn new skills and knowledge within the different aspects of the business, from designing, creating to selling and fitting in the products. The new transformation to the car park gave everybody an additional focus and new a sense of achievement, especially after being appointed the Best Commercial Premises for their creation.

The Heart of England judges were impressed with the Maesbury Metal team; utilizing their ability to work with different materials by presenting them with beds for growing vegetables as well as a floral display.

Gavin, the head gardener, said:-

“Outside was very grey and industrial-looking, and we wanted to brighten it up to make a little oasis of green in all the tarmac and concrete, to attract birds and insects: we have really done it, it is lovely. Winning Oswestry in Bloom is one of the best things in the world.”

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Quotes from Maesbury Metals team members:

Peter P: “We had already built some raised beds to have a herb garden and grow some vegetables, then we decided to take it a step further. We wanted a place outside to sit for breaks and lunch and have BBQs, and enjoy our garden. What we are after is to show off what we can do, to prove we can do it. Measbury Metals is a ‘can do’ place. We are all encouraged and supported to do as much as possible. We are never negative here. There is always something going on, every day is different positive and exciting. We are like a family, we all try to help each other, always. It is lovely to have won Oswestry in Bloom, it very much makes us feel part of our community. I know all our families are very proud of us and what we have done.”

William: “At Maesbury Metals we make lots of things that are inspired by the natural environment and trees and flowers, so we all decided to have some of it of our very own.”

Martyn: It took a lot of putting together and hard work, we did it bit by bit and we got there. We are proud of what we’ve done. It’s very special.”

Nigel: “It’s very smart looking now, it’s good.”

Darren: “After it was all put up and built, we heard about Oswestry in Bloom and we wanted to enter the competition and do our best.”

Robbie: “Thumbs up.”

Stephen: “I love to sit out with my friends and look at all the colours of the flowers.”

Martin J: “It makes the place more interesting and it looks really good as well. We all worked together to get it done.”

Michael: “It’s like having an extra room outside. We love it.”

Peter S: “It’s a different thing to anything we have done before, everyone comes over and chats to us about it. All our neighbours love it.”

Paul: “We are happy and proud we have done this, it has given us a new experience and we have learnt a lot of new stuff and made us new friends.”

Kev: “It’s beautiful. We use it all the time.”

Adrian: “It’s good. It’s a good cup we won.”