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Shropshire Council a proud supporter of Armed Forces reservists

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Shropshire Council’s pledge to support our Armed Forces has seen staff take part in a recent Army Reserves challenge along with staff from organisations Ringway and Mouchel.

The challenge, which ran from 26 March until 28 March, gave staff the opportunity to see what the Army Reserves is like, and to gain valuable leadership and problem solving skills under stressful situations.

Teams were given a range of command tasked to be completed within a given timeframe which required planning, self-confidence, teamwork and strong communication.


Shropshire Council and Ringway staff at the Army Reserves Challenge

All staff who took part in the three day challenge thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned a lot, and would highly recommend it to others. 

Shropshire Council employs staff who are members of the reserve forces and recognise the valuable contribution Reservists make to the UK Armed Forces.

In May, 2012, the Council signed the Armed Forces Community Covenant – a statement of support between the civilian and Armed Forces communities. Now, a new HR policy has been implemented that will see staff members who are part-time reservists receive more support when called up for Reserve Service.

The Council policy ensures staff will not be disadvantaged when meeting their obligations to the reserve’s whether that be in the Army, Navy or RAF.

David Fairclough, Armed Forces Community Covenant Coordinator at Shropshire Council stated:

“I would like to thank all those involved in changing the policy. Shropshire Council has already been recognised for our work with the armed forces, and this further strengthens our support. We are proud to employ reservists who continue to make hugely positive contributions to our organisation.”

If you would like to learn more about Armed Forces reservists, you can visit http://www.sabre.mod.uk/ for information.

You can follow the Shropshire Armed Forces Community Covenant here.

Further Information

Shropshire Council signed the Armed Forces Community Covenant in May, 2012, a voluntary statement of mutual support between the civilian and Armed Forces communities.

The aims of the Shropshire Covenant include:
• Encouraging activities which help integrate the Armed Forces community into Shropshire life
• Encouraging the Armed Forces community to help and support the wider Shropshire community, whether through participation in events and joint projects, or other forms of engagement.

For more information about the Armed Forces Community Covenant, please visit shropshire.gov.uk/SAFCC.