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News from our partners: Arts festival seeks technical and drama volunteers

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News from our partners 2020 Church Stretton and South Shropshire Arts Festival

Now in its 54th year, the Church Stretton Arts Festival is seeking volunteers for its technical and drama teams. With the positions of Technical Director and Drama Director both having recently come free, there is the need not only to fill these vacancies but also to build the supporting cast.

Alan Stockbridge, Chairman of the Festival Trustees, said:-

“The festival was established back in 1967 as an Educational Trust. We have no paid staff. Volunteers have always come forward to provide support to the festival, both during the year when planning and making arrangements as well as during the course of the two week festival Saturday 25 July 2020 to Saturday 8 August 2020 inclusive.

“As ever we strive to find those with the experience, knowledge, focus on ‘working together’ and enthusiasm to make the festival so successful. There have always been local people who come forward to help.”

Alan Stockbridge, Chairman, Church Stretton Arts Festival

Alan Stockbridge, Chairman, Church Stretton Arts Festival

The role of the Technical Director is to ensure that the technical aspects of staging, sound and lighting at festival events fully meet specified requirements and are delivered to a high standard, often to tight deadlines. Liaison is required with other key members of the festival team as well as with performers. There is the need to manage and develop a small assisting team.

The role of the Drama Director is to source, book and present a variety of drama and spoken word events at the festival. There is the need to work with a small team to research and recommend a programme of such, as well as to look after performers and their related arrangements at the festival.

In addition, we seek keen individuals with some relevant knowledge and interest to work in the technical and drama teams.

If you are interested, then please ring Alan Stockbridge on 01694 722317 or email alan.stockbridge@btinternet.com. All contact will be treated in strict confidence. Alternatively email the festival website www.strettonfestival.org.uk