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New comic strip tells story of Nesscliffe’s mysterious petroglyph stone

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A new comic strip booklet has been released – targeting a young audience – that tells the story of how the Nesscliffe Petroglyph – a mysterious carved stone – was discovered and analysed at Nesscliffe Hillfort, near Shrewsbury, during an archaeological excavation in summer 2021.

The discovery in 2021 attracted a lot of international attention.

Called The Nessglyph Uncovered, the comic shows where the stone came from, how it was made and what it might mean.

Paul Reilly, a visiting fellow in archaeology at the University of Southampton, and co-director of the Nesscliffe Hill Camp project, collaborated with Hannah Sackett a writer, researcher and cartoonist based in Stockholm, to create the comic.

You can read the comic here. Printed versions will follow later.