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Council gives Government funding to care staff to help support and increase workforce

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Shropshire Council is pleased to announce that it has now received its allocation of the Workforce Recruitment and Retention Fund for adult social care, newly allocated by the Government.

The council received £943,735 of the £162.5m Government funding, and have agreed with Shropshire Partners in Care (SPIC), who represent 97% of care providers in the county, for the funding to go directly to care staff at Care Quality Council (CQC)-registered providers to support their workforce.

The purpose of the Workforce Recruitment and Retention Fund is to support the adult social care staff workforce capacity to ensure that safe and continuous care to adults is achieved during the winter season, support a safe and timely discharge from hospital, and prevent admissions to hospital.

This is part of the council’s wider approach to support the care sector and encourage new people into care; and importantly, also, for those currently working in the sector to feel valued and appreciated.

Tanya Miles, Shropshire Council’s executive director of place, said:-

“Our care providers across the county continue to work tirelessly and resiliently throughout the pandemic to ensure the utmost safety and wellbeing of residents who need support.

“Therefore, in response to the significant staffing pressures we know they are currently managing, and following further consultation and agreement with SPiC, we have made the decision to allocate the entirety of this fund directly to providers registered with CQC in Shropshire (in line with Government guidance) for carers who work in the county, to help them to retain existing staff capacity and encourage new recruits.

“We wanted to ensure this funding is paid directly to the amazing care staff who continually go above and beyond to support our residents.”

CQC Providers will be able to submit an application allocated on a ‘per head’ basis, and use it to help boost and support recruitment and retention of staff. Care companies will receive communication from the council this week inviting them to apply for this funding, which can only be used by providers to boost retention of staff through an incentive payment made directly to existing and newly-recruited care staff.

It is recognised that this a limited amount of funding; however, it is hoped that this will show some appreciation to the work carers do on a daily basis.

CQC providers can find out more by emailing ASCInfectionControlFund@shropshire.gov.uk

The funding is one of several programmes to help retain and recruit the right staff to work in an exciting and progressive career in social care.

Proud to Care recruitment campaign

Shropshire Council have also joined forces with SPIC to launch their Proud to Care campaign, to raise awareness and welcome talented and passionate people to join their social care teams.

Our Proud to Care campaign, led by frontline staff, aims to highlight the rewarding and fantastic development opportunities available across the county to suit every type of care professional.

The callout follows the Government’s campaign “Made with Care” launched in November 2021 by the Department of Health and Social Care. The campaign encourages people with the values that embody carers to join a workforce dedicated to helping others and build a career that helps people live happy, healthy lives.

To find out more about the campaign visit Proud to Care.

You can read more about the Workforce Recruitment and Retention Fund here.