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Government’s floods minister Rebecca Pow visits Shropshire

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Councillors and officers from Shropshire Council will today show and explain to floods minister Rebecca Pow the devastating impact that recent flooding has had in the county – and will continue to have unless action is taken by the Government.

This follows the county being hit by major floods twice in 11 months, with February 2020 seeing some of the worst  flooding in decades hitting many parts of the county.

On her visit to Shropshire the minister will visit the Severn Confluence one of the most flood prone areas in Shropshire to see what is being done and what can be achieved to manage water for the future.

She will also visit Shrewsbury and Melverley to understand the challenges the county faces and what the council is asking for to help lessen the impact of future floods.

Against a background of the floods that hit Shropshire in 2020, the recent floods in central Europe, and climate change, councillors and officers will stress the need to invest in flood mitigation measures, to protect communities against future flooding.

They will also highlight the importance to the local economy of greater security from flooding, with the Riverside development in Shrewsbury set to have an £800m gross development value. Protecting the River Severn catchment against flooding could raise its gross value added (GVA) to £100bn.

Ed Potter, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for economic growth, said:

From  recent experience we know only too well the devastating impact that flooding can have on our local communities and businesses. We want to do whatever we can to avoid a repeat of the floods of February 2020 that affected so many towns and villages across the county, but we need the Government to help with this.

“That’s why I’m pleased that the minister will be coming to Shropshire to see – and hear about- the impact that flooding has had on the county, and for us to explain to her the support that we need to help prevent this happening again.

It’s estimated that by 2050 the River Severn to be 85cms higher in flood than it is now, while also being lower in summer which could impact on abstraction.

The minister will also meet with MP Daniel Kawczynski and other key partners.

The visit has been organised by the Environment Agency.