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Arts Café event hosted by Flaxmill Maltings in Shrewsbury – via Zoom on 18 August

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Artists, community and voluntary art organisations and anyone interested in the arts are invited to attend an Arts Network event on Tuesday 18 August 2020 online via Zoom from 5pm to 7pm, hosted by Flaxmill Maltings.

Andy McKeown, local light and sound artist, animator and programmer, will be giving a talk about his work and 56-year love affair with ‘noise’. Participants will have the opportunity to learn some of Andy’s techniques, explore differences and possibilities between studio and field recordings, growing and making your own microphones, and having a go at making their own sound recording.

Andy McKeown

Andy McKeown

Dea Paradisos, local visual artist, will be delivering a workshop called Get Arty With Artefacts.

Participatnts are invited to look at some of the interesting and intriguing artefacts from the Friends of the Maltings collection and make art in response to them.

Participants will be assigned an image of an artefact to work from during a short screen break from the cafe. This could be anything from a 200-year-old bobbin of linen thread, to a large wheeled ‘Boby’ barrow, used to move barley and malt around the site.

Dea will present examples of work and guide participants in responding to the different artefacts.

Flaxmill art

Flaxmill art

There will also be an opportunity to catch up on the recent building works which have been happening at the Flaxmill, through a virtual guided tour of the site.

Alexa Pugh, Shropshire Council’s arts development officer, said:-

“This is a great opportunity to hear about the programme of activity being planned at the Flaxmill; learn some new skills, produce your own piece of artwork during the session, and chat with other artists and people interested in the arts.”

To book a place at the event, please contact Alexa Pugh, email: alexa.pugh@shropshire.gov.uk

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For further information about arts development from Shropshire Council, please email: alexa.pugh@shropshire.gov.uk.

For further information about the Flaxmill Maltings, please contact Richard Benjamin email: richard@flaxmill-maltings.co.uk

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