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Shropshire Council Climate Change Strategy workshop sells out in days      

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Shropshire Council’s Climate Change Strategy workshop has sold out in a matter of days.

115 people representing the public, community groups, industry experts, businesses, schools and local councils will be attending the workshop on Monday 10 February 2020 in the Council Chamber at Shirehall, Shrewsbury.

The workshop will introduce and discuss four key themes that are central to the climate change effort in Shropshire and beyond:

  • Carbon reduction in energy efficiency
  • Carbon mitigation in renewable energy
  • Carbon capture and storage
  • Adaptation and resilience.

Dean Carroll, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for adult social care, public health and climate change, said:

“We’re thrilled with the positive response to this workshop. To see it sell out so quickly shows the appetite within Shropshire to tackle climate change together.

“I’m positive that the workshop will be a success, and we look forward to welcoming everyone and having an open discussion about how we can work together now and in the future.”

Due to the huge demand for this workshop, the council are exploring the potential to run another to enable more people, businesses and communities to get involved.

Shropshire already has the fifth largest amount of installed renewable energy generation capacity in the UK, and produces 20% of the renewable energy across the whole of the West Midlands. Shropshire Council is eager to work further with partners in Shropshire and beyond to expand this capacity and establish the county as a leader in tackling climate change.

The council are also working with and learning from others, including councils and businesses across the UK, so that we can help Shropshire build its resilience and make the transition to clean growth and a low carbon future.

The workshop follows the adoption of the Climate Change Strategy Framework by full council on 19 December 2019.

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