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Adults using social care services urged to complete national survey

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People who use adult social care services in Shropshire are being encouraged to take part in the annual Adult Social Care Survey that was launched this week.

An adult receiving social care

Adult social care

The survey, which forms part of a national programme led by NHS Digital, will be randomly targeted to people who receive care and support services either in their own home or residential home, and / or in the local community.

Those chosen to take part will be contacted by letter and will be asked their views on how they feel about the adult social care services they receive. This could be any equipment or care provided by staff who are paid to help the individual. The staff could be from adult social care, an agency, a care home, or bought by the person using money from adult social care through a Direct Payment.

All feedback from the survey will be used to help the council better understand the impact of the adult social care services they and other agencies provide, and help identify what areas need improving and or developing.

Andy Begley, Shropshire Council’s director of adult social care and housing, said:-

“The Adult Social Care Survey is designed to understand more about how services are affecting people’s lives and their impact on quality of life. Therefore it is vital that we ask those who use the services. This allows us to better understand the impact of services and feedback can identify where service improvement and development is needed.

“Not everyone will receive a survey. People are chosen through a random sample technique and receive a letter explaining how to complete the survey and including key information with a survey form and freepost envelope.

“If you do receive a letter please take the opportunity to let us know your views.”

Help and support is at hand for those who are selected to take part. Those who may struggle to complete the survey can contact the customer service team on 0348 678 9077 for advice. Alternatively, those selected could ask a family member or their carer to help them complete the survey.

Dean Carroll, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for adult social care, public health and climate change, added:

“I would encourage everyone who receives a survey to respond. The more people who take part, the more useful the results will be. The survey is based mainly on tick box, multiple choice questions and is designed by NHS Digital to be as simple as possible to complete.

“However, if you need any help completing the survey, you can either ask a friend or relative to help, or phone Shropshire Council’s Customer Services helpline. Shropshire Council can provide easy read and large text versions of the survey for those who need them.”

People can also find out the results from previous year’s surveys:-

NHS Digital (All results)

Shropshire Council (local results)

Passionate about adult social care?

If you haven’t been chosen to part in the national Adult Social Care survey, you can still have your say about adult social care service you receive and help make a positive difference to people’s lives. Shropshire’s Making it Real advisory groups offer people the chance to discuss their concerns, experiences and views on how services can be improved.

To find out more call 01743 257705, email makingitreal@shropshire.gov.uk or visit the Making it Real webpages here: https://www.shropshire.gov.uk/shropshire-choices/making-it-real-mir/

Further information

2019/20 is the tenth year the survey has taken place; it was launched in 2009/10. The survey is part of a national programme led by NHS Digital. Shropshire Council delivers the survey on behalf of NHS Digital and follows national guidance to ensure surveying is consistent across all councils. The data enables councils to benchmark against their peers and to gather information to support their local commissioning, performance and strategy. The survey also supplies data for a number of measures in the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework.