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Shrewsbury Castle Dig Diary – Day One

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Day one saw us break ground inside the walls of the castle for the first time.

Peeling back the turf and slowly removing the top soil we began to uncover various small finds, most of which dating from the 18th century. We were finding an abundance of clay pipes, but mixed in were small part of glazed earth ware dating to the 1700’s.

An image of two of the finds from day one of the first ever Shrewsbury Castle excavation

Some early finds from the first day

After removing some more soil, it has become apparent that there are signs of more interesting and promising things to come. The focus of day two will be on the removal of any remaining soil with small trowels which will hopefully bring us closer to medieval finds.

An image of the trench at Shrewsbury Castle at the end of the first day of the excavation

The trench at the end of day one

Tom Bowen, writing on behalf of all volunteers working on the excavation at Shrewsbury Castle.

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