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Shropshire schools will be open tomorrow (Tuesday 26 September 2017)

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Shropshire Council has been informed by Severn Trent Water that schools are advised to open tomorrow (Tuesday 26 September 2017).

What happened?

Four schools in Shropshire were closed today following problems with the water supply to many homes within the Telford and Shropshire area.

Schools closed included William Brookes, Broseley CE Primary, Barrow 1618 and John Wilkinson.

The outage was caused by a major water pipe bursting in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Work is continuing on the repair, but as an interim measure Severn Trent Water is using an injection point to supply water to all areas.

For further information…

For updates on this please follow @stwater on Twitter or Severn Trent Water’s news page.