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An Antarctic experience is coming soon at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery

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On Monday 5 June 2017, “Antarctica: Life in a hostile land”, is coming to Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery. This new exhibition promises to offer an exciting insight into our relationship with the most hostile continent on Earth.

“Antarctica: Life in a hostile land”, offers a thrillingly interactive experience, with a combination of prized historic exhibits and modern day technology that will allow you to become immersed in the wonders of the Antarctic continent.

The exhibition gives you the opportunity to explore the changes in human relationships with Antarctica and its inhabitants from the early 1900s, right up to the important scientific research conducted there today.

Emperor penguins at the forefront of their colony with snow covered mountains and blue skies in Antarctica

Majestic Emperor Penguins in the Antarctic summer

Features in the exhibition include a 360° virtual reality experience of Halley VI – the UK’s second largest research facility in Antarctica, original film footage, equipment from Antarctic expeditions including a tent and sledge, an outfit worn by a member of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s epic 1914-17 expedition and photos from celebrated wildlife photographer Ben Osborne.

This exciting exhibition has been developed in partnership with the British Antarctic Survey, Scott Polar Research Institute, National Museum of Wales, The Severn Partnership Ltd, and Orangeleaf Systems Ltd.

Mary Mckenzie, Shropshire Council’s museums and archives manager, said:

“This exhibition offers a great insight into our relationship with Antarctica and how it has changed over the last 100 years.

Following Rhyme Around the World, “Antarctica: Life in a hostile land” demonstrates the great variety of exhibitions hosted by Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery. We look forward to seeing lots of visitors enjoying their taste of the cold in Shropshire’s summer.”

Athena Dinar, spokesperson for the British Antarctic Survey, said:

“We’re delighted to be involved in the new Antarctic exhibition at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery and to have an opportunity to explain the science and operations we undertake in Antarctica to new audiences.

“Whilst the history of polar exploration never fails to enthuse the public, it’s a great opportunity to also explain what British Antarctic Survey is doing in Antarctic today.”

Tickets for Antarctica can purchased on arrival at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery from the Visitor Information Centre or by calling 01743 258885.

Jonathan Walton, Shropshire resident who has worked in Antarctica for 44 years, said:

“It’s really exciting that Antarctica is coming to Shrewsbury this summer. The exhibition about many aspects of that amazing continent will last from early June to early September – do not miss it. It is only 120 years since humans first stayed for any length of time on that continent  – over 100 years of that time span will be represented directly at the exhibition, including a full size “Nansen” Sledge and Pyramid tent, so familiar to all those like myself and my Dad who have spent considerable time depending on these 2 items on and off for the last 70 years.

“I am really pleased to be involved with the exhibition and look forward to sharing my 44-year love affair with Antarctica with many others.”

Visit the Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery website for further information.

Further Information

  • It is less than 200 years since man first set foot on this continent – in that time our species has more than quadrupled in number and had a massive impact on our planet – yet somehow the Antarctic has remained aloof and in many ways is as pristine now as it always has been.Working mainly with the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and people from Shropshire who have visited the Earth’s most southern continent, Antarctica: Life in a hostile land, looks at how this land has been opened up by intrepid explorers, how life can be lived in extremely adverse conditions and how scientific research conducted there is of profound importance for the whole planet.
  • The Antarctica exhibition will officially open to the public on Monday 5 June 2017 and run until Sunday 17 September 2017.