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Uncover the Secrets of Viking Life and Death at Valhalla, at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery

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The latest archaeological techniques shine a spotlight into the lives of the Vikings in an exhibition sponsored by Lanyon Bowdler Solicitors at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery which runs until 4 June 2016. 

“Valhalla – Life and Death in Viking Britain” features artefacts and human skeletons discovered at burial sites, but what will really illuminate the experience are key findings fromarchaeologists and the latest research into the lives of our Viking ancestors, who arrived in Britain from Scandinavia in the 8th century. These include recent evidence that has been discovered about their beliefs in the afterlife and how they commemorated and celebrated their dead. 

Using the Hungate and Coppergate excavations from York as specific case studies, the exhibition includes objects from working and domestic life, replica objects from boat burials and skeletal remains to help visitors piece together the clues in the search for the Viking story. Shropshire’s own Viking history is also central to the exhibition, including the story of Hastein, a notorious adventurer who travelled up the River Severn as far asWelshpool and is known to have raided as far afield as Southern Europe and North Africa. Some of the Viking findings made in the county, including silver coinage and jewellery, are also be on display. 

Mini Vikings can also get involved with a series of ‘hands on’ exhibits and activities exploring the gods, myths and sagas that make this such a colourful period of history.  Activities include; a Viking storytelling tent complete with puppets, rune stamping, a‘create your own God’ activity and burial stone colouring in.

Valhalla comes from the Old Norse Valhöll, “the hall of the fallen” and is the location where the god Odin houses the dead whom he deems worthy of dwelling with him. It is one of many complex concepts surrounding Viking beliefs in the soul and the afterlife. Vikings have been a hot topic in popular culture recently, with Norse themed dramas such as BBC 2’s ‘The Last Kingdom’ reflecting the long-held public fascination with their way of life.

Emma-Kate Lanyon, Shropshire Council’s team leader (collections and curatorial services), said:-

“The stories and legends surrounding the Vikings have long captivated our imagination, so I know that visitors are going to find this a very excitingexhibition. ‘Valhalla’ brings together items of incredible historic significance and modern tools of analysis so that visitors will get a unique insight into the lives of these warriors for whom death, as well as the ceremonies and traditions surrounding it, were central.” 

Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery is located in the town’s former Music Hall, in to which it moved in April 2014 following a major restoration of the largely Victorian building.  “Valhalla – Life and Death in Viking Britain” will be on show in the Special Exhibitions Gallery, one of the six galleries in the Museum. 

The exhibition runs until 4 June 2016. Until Easter it is open Tuesday to Saturday. Please check website for opening times after Easter. Admission to the whole Museum & Art Gallery including Valhalla costs: £4.00 per adult, £3.50 per senior, £3.60 per student, £2.00 per child and £10 per family. For more information visit www.shrewsburymuseum.org.uk