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Shropshire Council is a ‘trailblazer’ for Care Act delivery

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Shropshire Council has been named a trailblazer for its work in transforming its adult service and how this has assisted in delivering the Care Act.

This welcome recognition comes from an article in today’s (Wednesday 29 April 2015) The Guardian newspaper which briefly explains how the council, alongside the social enterprise People2People, has successfully delivered the changes brought about by the recent introduction of the Care Act.

Stephen Chandler, Shropshire Council’s director of adult social care, said:

“It’s great to get recognition for the work we and our partners are doing and we’re more than happy to share our experiences with others.

“The introduction of the Care Act saw the biggest change to English adult social care law in over 60 years. However, here in Shropshire we were ready, and I’m pleased to report that many of our residents have seen little change.

“Through the successful redesign of our adult social care service we can ensure that we focus our resources on assisting some of the county’s most vulnerable people to get help sooner and support them to be more independent within their own community.

“Our journey started a few years ago with the creation of our strategy ‘Live Life Your Way’ and the development of an alternative approach to Social Work Practice through ‘People2People’. We are now really starting to see positive results. Our success is not just down to one thing that we’ve done, and I can honestly say that it wouldn’t have been possible without everyone working together.

“We have worked with People2People and ip&e Business Design to create a new narrative with our partners, as well as involve the people who use our services. It’s all part of our vision to put people at the very heart of what we do.

“It’s working and we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved so far. But we’re not complacent – we’ve learnt a lot along the way and we’re continuing to do so.”

To read the article in The Guardian, please click here.