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App aims to keep businesses ahead of the game on regulation

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News from our partners Central England Trading Standards Authorities

Businesses needing to stay on top of regulatory developments and the right side of the law now have even easier access to information thanks to a new digital app, TSBN (Trading Standards Business News) published by the Central England Trading Standards Authorities (CEnTSA). This is another exciting step in reaching out to the business community by going digital.

The app which will be freely available to all businesses is an electronic version of the popular Trading Standards Business News which has been the ‘go to’ resources for businesses who want to stay on top of regulatory developments for nearly a decade. It will carry informative and in-depth articles regarding regulation across many different industry sectors.

The first digital edition, which is also supported by the Federation of Small Businesses is launched today (Tuesday 21 April 2015).

The magazine can be downloaded from an application which can be used on a range of devices, including smart phones, tablets and PCs, and is available from Apple’s App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

Chairman of CEnTSA Mike Pigrem said:

“We understand that running a small business is both legally complex and time-consuming so we wanted to make our newsletter more widely available so businesses could access it more readily. We are immensely proud of the newsletter which has gone from strength to strength, and this new exciting development means that we will be able to reach out to many more businesses across the West Midlands region.

“Businesses will be able to subscribe to the newsletter which means they will receive an email alerting them to new editions, along with links to major stories.”

Frances Darling, senior commissioner for Shropshire Council’s public protection, said:

“‘All regulators see themselves as driving economic growth and supporting business. This newsletter is one way in which we can support business growth by making them aware of changes to existing laws as well as new legislation. It will also be much easier for us to share information and articles via social media, further expanding our readership.”

The newsletter is published quarterly. Areas covered in the next edition include articles about, allergens, changes to consumers’ rights, tobacco advertising and the use of food colourings in sauces.

Further information

CEnTSA is a partnership of 14 authorities from across the West Midlands who have come together to encourage and build upon the strengths of each authority, sharing best practice and improving service delivery region wide.

The digital magazine will have its own URL, which will be based upon the following address:  http://portfolio.cpl.co.uk/TSBN/2015-spring

An email alert will be sent to all subscribers’ email accounts, alerting them to when each new issue is out, which will contain links to all major stories. Once a reader is ‘inside’ the newsletter, they will be able to navigate to whatever page they wish without having to return to the e-alert.

All app users will receive a push notification alerting them to each new issue, so they know to visit the TSBN app and download the newsletter into their own personal library.