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Council asks tenants about proposal to redevelop homes in Oswestry

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Shropshire Council’s Landlord Services homes are generally very popular with applicants for housing.  However, the council has identified that a small number of its homes no longer meet the needs of residents and are in low demand.  In Oswestry 48 of the 60 homes in Swan Lane, including a large number of bedsits, are no longer meeting the housing needs of the local community. 

We are working with tenants in Swan Lane, Oswestry on proposed plans to redevelop their homes to better meet the needs of Oswestry by 2015.  

The council are visiting all affected tenants on the proposals.  If the proposed redevelopment goes ahead tenants would be offered a choice of accommodation through the Homepoint Choice Base Lettings Scheme or the opportunity to seek a private tenancy.  

Councillor Mal Price, Cabinet member for social housing, said:

 “Shropshire Council are committed to improving housing for our tenants and continually work with them to improve services.  If the redevelopment goes ahead, residents will receive assistance from housing staff to ensure that their move from Swan Lane goes as smoothly as possible over the next few years.” 

Local Shropshire Councillor for Oswestry West, Vince Hunt, said:

“I am delighted that we are trying to make a positive change for the better for the lives of the tenants at Swan Lane, and for the surrounding area.  I have after all been involved with this community, and have supported landlord services with events here on a number of occasions.  I am delighted that Shropshire Council is seeking a grant to do this work, and has committed to make the relocation for the tenants as seamless as possible should the proposals go ahead.” 

The proposals for the rehousing of residents and the redevelopment of the site will be considered for approval at Cabinet on 14 September 2011. 

If approved, plans for the redevelopment of the site will be drawn up over the next 12-18 months.