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Müller Dairy clears Hanwood play area

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Volunteers from Müller Dairy clearing Hanwood Village Hall play area

Volunteers from Müller Dairy clearing Hanwood Village Hall play area

Over 30 enthusiastic volunteers from local company Müller Dairy worked tirelessly last week (Friday 8 July 2011) to tidy the overgrown play area at Hanwood Village Hall.

Braving the rain, the Müller Dairy staff successfully strimmed the grass, cleared the brambles and painted the fence surrounding the play area.

This project, arranged through Shropshire Council with Business in the Community, was completed as part of Müller Dairy’s commitment to making a difference within the local community.

Councillor Gwilym Butler, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for flourishing Shropshire communities, said:

“I’d like to congratulate everyone for their hard work, especially on such a wet day.  The play area looks great and I’m sure lots of local children will be extremely happy that they now have an extra, bramble-free space to play and see their friends.”

Roger Evans, Shropshire Councillor for Longden, said:

“It’s good volunteers can come and help local communities, they can and do make a real difference.  Many residents have commented to me already on the change.  The village hall committee are working hard to improve this area for residents of all ages.”

Bill Longmore, Chairman of Hanwood Village Hall Committee, said:

“Despite a dreadfully wet day all the staff from Müller did themselves and the company proud.  They all worked tirelessly and enthusiastically.

“Their friendly and cheerful manner was a fine example to anyone who saw them working.  Right from the start their desire to achieve their objective was commendable.

“From the comments made by local people who saw them working in the rain and who saw what they had achieved at the end of the day, it might well be that the group’s example may ‘rub off ‘ on others and we shall get more volunteers.”